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Lesley Jennison Takeover Part 2: Dusted Rouge

Lesley Jennison is extremely proud to have co-created these beautiful shades. It is one of the highlights of her career.​

IGORA #RoyalTakeOver DUSTED ROUGE consists of six unpolished shades from barely red hues to deep shaded vintage tones. This is an authentic yet sophisticated take on reds.

The Pastelfier was introduced with this range and is an amazing tool to use in the salon!


A creative booster additive to be mixed with IGORA ROYAL shades for endless creativity.


• Provides up to 3 levels extra lifting power for IGORA ROYAL shades when lifting virgin hair

• Dilutes the pigment concentration and tone intensity of IGORA ROYAL Shades

• Supports neutralization and underlines the powdery character of shades by adding a very soft cool tone direction

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