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Style How-Tos – Black Panther Inspiration

Two Black Panther inspired styles, with how-tos using Darling Braids products.

Half-Moon Braids


1. Wash and condition the hair to prepare it for braiding.

2. Use a light after care conditioning product to give your hair some moisture.

3. Now start braiding the hair into micro medium braids from the nape, using Darling’s One Million Ombre braids

4. Continue braiding until the entire head is covered.


5.Now move on to styling the braids starting by a ponytail at the crown. Make sure you leave a few braids at the nape.

6. Work on the braids at the crown, section then into about five parts and braid the sections individually.

7. After you have braided all the sections just roll them around and pin each section to create a bun leaving one section hanging.

8. Take the last section from one side to the other and pin it to create a crown effect.

9.You can leave the braids at the back as they are or create a fish tale.

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle can be achieved using Darling’s Vibrations


1. Wash and deep condition the hair to prepare it for braiding.

2. Apply a leave in conditioner and then dry the hair.

3. Use a light conditioning after care product and then start braiding the hair.

4. Braid thin lines from the front to the back, making sure the back is properly secured.

5. Cut the Darling Vibrations in half and start to crochet small portions from the back and work your way to the front.


6. When the entire head has been covered, you can begin to start styling the hair into knots.

7. Start taking sections of the hair, twist them to the right and then wrap them around to create the knots.

8. Continue until the whole head is covered making sure the knots are even.

9. Once the process has been completed, use your hands to shape knots that are uneven so that you have your perfect Bantu Knots.

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