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Barbering Is Back To Stay

Beardburys was born in response to the latest trends in men's styles by developing a line of products that adapt to the most demanding techniques of barbers to create any styling in hair, beard or moustache.

Beardburys men’s shampoos are formulated specifically for men. The formulas are paraben free with masculine fragrances.

  • The Fresh shampoo with menthol, thyme and Aloe Vera is perfect to refresh after exercise.

  • The Densify is a thickening shampoo that prevents hair loss.

  • The Grey shampoo is specifically for white and grey hair and contains pigments to combat brassiness.

  • If you prefer a sulfate free shampoo the Daily is recommended. It contains vitamin E, menthol and thyme – suitable for sensitive scalps.

The range also includes a line of sulfate- and paraben free shaving and beard products, formulated with natural ingredients. The formulas are packed with anti-oxidants, Aloe Vera and essential oils to leave skin soothed and refreshed and ensure that beards are soft and manageable. The products on offer are:

  • Shaving cream

  • Precision gel

  • After shave lotion

  • Beard shampoo

  • Beard serum

  • Beard & moustache wax

  • Precision beard comb

Beardburys also offer pomades with different levels of fixation and shine to create hairstyles with great versatility. The traditional recipes were developed exclusively for men’s care and styling.

Contact us on or visit to order yours today.

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