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KMS Style Equations

Real Clients, Real Style – here’s how the right KMS product combos create gorgeous effects and manageable, healthy hair on real clients! So what equation are you going to choose for your clients to get the best results?


Her look features ADDVOLUME Style Primer to make her fine hair look and feel thicker from root to tip. It perfectly primes for next-level volume styles and easy style-ability.

Her look features THERMASHAPE Shaping Blow Dry for a full, natural looking style.


His look features MOISTREPAIR Style Primer to repair the hair surface for healthier-feeling hair. It rebalances the moisture level and improves elasticity for easy style-ability.

His look features HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray for just out of the ocean texture.


Her look features TAMEFRIZZ Style Primer to provide intense restoration for stressed, unruly hair. It deeply nourishes and smoothes for easy style-ability.

Her look features HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray for a flexible, movable finish.

Love how KMS has solved these real hair challenges?

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