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Cool Beige Colour Melt by Ri Wright, Karo Hair

This gorgeous style, created in cool beige mahogany, will turn blonde as it grows out, becoming a colour melt.

I did a mini Root stretch & alternates with Keune Tinta Color 5.35 + 5.5 + 5.23 to create a cool beige mahogany with white hair blending..

Additional Info and Products Used:

• Icon Pure Envy Silver shampoo for 5 minutes. • Keune bond fusion treatment step 1 (1ml added into the colour.) and Step 2 (after cleansing the hair.) • I used 20 volume developer for the roots and 10 volume developer for mid-lengths & ends alternates. • Styling aids - Anti-frizz from Keune Blend for the blow dry.

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