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Introduction to Keune: Our Promises to the Industry

Keune Promise

We Treat You Like Family

We’re an independent company, 100% family owned and operated since our inception in 1922.

And we plan on keeping it that way. Keune is the partner who treats you like family; not only because we’re a family company, but also because that’s just our style. Your happiness is our top priority. Like family we’re here for you. Whenever and wherever you need us.

Keune treats their customers like family, not another account number. We are able to help and support your business on a personal level rather than a corporate level. Your success is our success and a mutual understanding of this ensures a more honest, trustworthy relationship between us.

All Hair Solutions, as a distributors for Keune, are more than happy with this working relationship requirement as it aligns perfectly with the way All Hair Solutions has conducted it business relationships since inception in 2001 irrespective of the brands we distributed in the past.

Keune Promise

No Compromise on Product Quality

Never settle. Never Compromise. This has been our Research and Development motto ever since our apothecary beginnings in 1922. Our scientists have complete freedom to tweak formulas and experiment with different ingredients until we can confidently claim our products do what they’re supposed to do: help you bring out the best of your clients hair. Every color, lifting powder, perm liquid of fixing spray is lovingly devised and developed under one roof for optimal quality control.

As a privately, family owned company, Keune is not beholden to any outside influences such as shareholders or partners that may influence their core values of providing the finest quality products.

Ingredients are chosen for their performance in the final product first and not on price. (Where profits have to be considered to outside shareholders, price is the primary factor in choosing ingredients, then performance.)

This allows Keune to develop product with the highest performance and quality. The family name, Keune, is on every product and the pride in these products is reflective of the quality of these products.

Keune also has the freedom to choose ingredients sourced from responsible sources that mirror their core values regards social responsibility, environmental responsibility and cruelty free ethics.

These are two promises, more to follow.

For more info or to stock Keune’s fantastic range of colour and care products, contact All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644 or Dean on 082 787 8105 or Gavin on 082 852 4840.

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