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Introducing New Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure: The Power of Skincare for Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional presents their latest skincare-inspired, haircare regime with Advanced Technology for simply beautiful hair: NEW BC Bonacure!

The root of every relationship between a hairdresser and a client is confidence…

…Confidence that clients will get the best service during every visit.

…Confidence that hairdressers will use the best products in the market.

…Confidence that clients will leave the salon feeling beautiful, inside and out.

Coming from a heritage of 120 years of breakthrough

haircare technology, Schwarzkopf Professional presents the latest haircare regime that speaks Advance Technology, for simple yet beautiful hair.

• Breakthrough Micellar technology for a gentle cleansing experience that leaves the hair’s moisture balance intact.

• Technologies such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides offer maximum repair performance, restoring strength, volume and elasticity.

• And it’s all delivered in the most gorgeous, eyecatching new packaging, with an online consultation tool that offers the perfect solutions for each client in less than 2 minutes! Available on

Star performing ranges include:​

Peptide Repair Rescue. Peptides, added to BC’s formulations to refill the damaged cortex by re-building the hair’s inner architecture.

pH 4.5 Color Freeze. pH 4.5 Technology, added to BC’s formulations to tighten the inner matrix to freeze colour pigments in.

Hyaluronic Moisture Kick. Hyaluronic Acid, added to BC‘s formulations to deliver essential moisture, improving elasticity and shine.

Collagen Volume Boost. Collagen, added to BC‘s formulations to weightlessly strengthen the hair to provide volume, fullness and bounce.

For more information contact (011) 617-2400 or like Schwarzkopf’s Facebook page HERE.

Post your gorgeous looks using the new Bonacure range, with the hashtag #believeinconfidence

Because that’s what great hair is all about!

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