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KMS Style Primers: Effortless, Easy Styling!

Inspired by the laid-back, effortless style of Melbourne, Australia, the new KMS Style Primers are a fabulous addition to the START section of the range. Their unique, innovative formulas give you what you want most – happy clients with great hair that is easy to manage themselves! Brilliant technology enables this – with your skill in the salon, and these new START products, your client can have hair that is easy, simple and gorgeous every day!

How do they work?

KMS Style Primers are a style focused priming service that actually improve the hair structure to build a lasting foundation. A quick service at the salon with KMS Core Reset Spray and the Style Primers, will give a result that lasts up to 7 washes. The service can be prolonged by the client at home with one of the three fabulous Style Primers catering for each individual's needs.

ADDVOLUME STYLE PRIMER This makes fine hair look and feel thicker from root to tip. It perfectly primes for next-level volume styles and easy style-ability.

MOISTREPAIR STYLE PRIMER offers ultimate repair of the hair surface for healthier-feeling hair. It rebalances the moisture level and improves elasticity for easy style-ability.

TAMEFRIZZ STYLE PRIMER for intense smoothing, provides effective restoration for stressed, unruly hair. It deeply nourishes and smoothes for easy style-ability

Contact KMS on 011 312 5070 or go to their Facebook page HERE

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