• Theresa Gouws

Theresa Advises: Growing your Colour Business in Tough Times

I have had many stylists ask me what they can do to become busier in these economic times. Firstly, we need to understand that a large percentage of our clients still have their hair done in “these economic times”, they just have their colour done less often - and we as stylists allow that.

We should encourage our clients to see us at least once every four to six weeks by doing proper consultations and explaining the dynamics of a colour’s lifespan. Doing this will set us apart from the rest. As was the philosophy of the late, great Vidal Sassoon: don’t be average like everyone else.

Technical ability allows us to step up in these times: knowing how to encourage extra services and follow up appointments.

The new Wellaplex is an excellent example of what to use to do both these things. Upsell the colouring process by adding the Wellaplex and then invite your clients back for a standalone treatment in between colour appointments.

Use add-on colour services like an Illumina glossing to boost the vibrancy of colour between regrowth touch-ups.

Use quieter times for education and take value in what your educator suggests.

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