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Hair Heroes: Victor Algranti

By Clinton Valjeaux, Owner: Jeauval Hair Salons

While at school, before I started my career as a hairstylist, I saw Victor on TV – a celebrity hairdresser working his magic on the Miss SA finalists.

He was a showman personified in the industry, although understated at times.

Later I had the privilege of meeting him, and so began our friendship, which has lasted more than 25 years.

Victor owned and ran Hair & Beauty magazine for many years. He contributed ideas towards the creation of the Hairstylist of the Year competition, and he gave input to our first complete Jeauval product line.

Victor, I salute you... you are an industry icon, a talented hairstylist, and now a businessman and product developer.

Your valuable contribution to the South African hairdressing industry deserves to be recognised.

As an icon and role model, you have inspired with your incredible commitment and achievements. Being the humble man you are, I hope you enjoy the surprise of seeing this Hair Heroes profile in Hairnews!

God bless you for many more, Sir Victor!

Your honoured and privileged friend, Clinton Valjeaux

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