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Do you have what it takes to become a barber?

Here’s a checklist of 6 essential qualities, by Ryan Bush.

Ryan is Master Stylist at Carlton Hair Canal Walk, member of the Carlton Hair Creative Team, Carlton Academy lecturer and finalist and Best Cut winner in the Davines World Style Content 2016.

Personal Grooming and Appearance

This is such an important part of how you portray yourself; the way you groom yourself, your hairstyle, your image, your clothing – even your personal hygiene is all vital as we’re in the “looking good” game.

Social skills

Confidence: You should have faith in your skills whether social skills or technical expertise. If you can portray yourself as a confident person and be confident about your skills, your clients will trust in your ability.

Personality: A vibrant personality in the workplace is something that you’ll need because you will deal with different clients - you’ll need to lead them and not be led. Never underestimate the power of a vibrant personality in building customers’ loyalty.

Emotional Intelligence: As with any human-based business, you can find that an emotionally intelligent barber is much more helpful and easy to work with, than a “night owl” (no hard feelings, night owls!). Someone who is more dedicated to their job, is more experienced and gets adequate rest can deal with all types of emotions, as opposed to those who aren’t as dedicated who could come across as more erratic. This one is as important for your team as it is for you. Ask yourself - will you be an asset to your clients and team, especially when the heat is turned on?

Social Media skills

This is a great way to help you build your own business. Being active and showcasing what you do helps you build your career faster than you can ever imagine.


Show up on time, even more so, be early. This trait will get you so far in your career and barber shops are all about timing.


Your attitude is so important on how you uphold yourself. There is always something that you can learn, nobody likes a know it all.


You’ll need to be dedicated to your profession as many hours are needed to master your craft. The hours are long and you’ll need to put in more hours than your work week in order to grow yourself.

Carlton Hair is launching its full-service barber shops, Carlton Barber Co. in October 2018.


Fantastic packages available with high earning potential! Includes a free one-month barbering course from the Carlton Hair Academy.


Melrose Arch, Johannesburg Waterstone, Somerset West Wale Street, Cape Town

For applications:

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Jen Crossland - - 021 671 9091


Fazeela Hendrix - - 011 646 2420

Apply on the website:

Or contact us on Facebook: @CarltonHairSA and @CarltonHairAcademy

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