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Water Crisis: Questionnaire and Water Saving Tips

The water crisis in Cape Town has impacted businesses in different ways, from changes in staffing to new client service protocols. The Bargaining Council is gathering information so that we can get a clearer picture of how this crisis has affected salons, and how the Council can assist.

If you are a salon in the Western Cape, please take two minutes to complete the survey here – please let us know how the water crisis has affected your business and what changes, if any, you have made as a result.

CLICK HERE for the survey.

With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, it is likely that other areas of South Africa will experience similar shortages in the near future. Here is some feedback from salons that have participated so far, on water saving tips they have implemented... we would welcome your feedback and experience in the survey!

Grey Water:

• Put a grey water system in place.

• Grey water can be used to flush toilets


• Disposable towels save on washing of hair towels

• Recycle towels and use one towel per service instead of two

• An eco washing machine cuts down on water used in laundering towels


• Flow restrictors on each tap allow for less wastage

• A special fitting on the basins reduces water usage

• Clients pay a basin charge


• Using hand sanitizer cuts down on water use


• Only one deep wash when doing blowdries or cuts

• Warn clients the water won’t be the perfect temperature but we don’t want to waste

• Leave in sprays used as conditioners, unless chemical services were done

• Emulsify much better before rinsing colour to save water

• Kiddies can be sprayed wet with a bit of detangler, not washed

• Gents mostly get sprayed wet if they are just having a cut

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