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Instaglam Express Launches – Amazing Opportunities For Salons

It’s the industry’s “Uber”, opening up a new market... clients needing on-site hairdressing, beauty and barbering services!

Now, technology can help you reach clients who are too busy or can’t travel to the salon!

Using the brand new Instaglam Express app, clients can book a hairdresser, make-up artist, barber, beauty therapist or nail technician in their area, to come to them.

This is a brilliant service for busy clients, corporates, wedding parties, clients who can’t travel, hospitalised clients, pamper parties, and more.

You and your salon can be part of Instaglam Express with amazing benefits:

• Extra profits and business growth

• Better use of staff in quiet times

• Appeal to millennial stylists

• Flexible working hours

• Run your salon as usual, with Instaglam bringing extra income

• Opportunities to own virtual salons/spas

The benefits of belonging to this digital platform - advertising space, education, networking opportunities.

Instaglam Express Rollout:

Be the first in your area to offer Instaglam Express.

Johannesburg goes live this month – sign up now!

Other areas will roll out in 2-3 months – email us now, and we’ll sign you up asap.

Want to sign up? Email your name, area and details to

Johannesburg Launch: Sunday 20th May

If you want to know more about how Instaglam Express can benefit your business, and how the app works, come along to our glamorous evening launch on the 20th May. Details on the invite below.

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