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New: Icon Vibrant Red Shampoo

The wow factor you’ve been waiting for, especially for redheads!

Redheads in every shade from copper to cherry, burgundy to mahogany, can rejoice! Icon’s Vibrant Red shampoo will deposit red pigment to intensify the hair’s colour and shine, while the paraben-free formula gently cleanses the hair. Enriched with anti-fade technology, Vibrant Red shampoo cares for and prolongs the hair’s colour. Icon’s fabulous technology ensures true-to-tone shades will be revived with brilliant shine. Ideal for coloured hair, Vibrant Red shampoo will also enhance naturally red hair.

With red hair being a huge trend this winter, Vibrant Red Shampoo is a must-have that will fly off your shelves.

Call or email Icon now to stock this exciting product.

Tel: 012 361 8474 / 012 365 2615

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