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Keiro Hair Extensions

Extensions – When is Tape Best?

When should you be using tape, single strand, or weaves on your clients? Keiro Hair Extensions gives a full explanation of what clients will suit which extensions best – and an overview of their incredible new ranges!

Keiro hair extensions have an extensions system that suits your needs. Tape extensions, single strand (keratin bond) and weaves. Keiro hair extensions are now available in 3 lengths 14", 18" and 22"

For the professional hairdressing salon, the superior quality of the hair gives you peace of mind that your client will be 100% happy.

Tape extensions are are suitable for clients

• Who like quick installations

• Are looking for a reusable system (Keiro extensions can last for up to 2 years)

• Can visit the salon every 4 weeks

• Dont tie their hair up often

• Do moderate amounts of exercise

Single Strand extensions are suitable for women who

• Are looking for a longer period of time in between salon visits 8+ weeks

• Have a very active lifestyle especially swimming and gym

• Wear their hair up, or in ponytails

• Like to have a brand new set of hair every 3-4 months.

Weaves are suitable for women who

• Like a reusable system

• Prefer hair being tied in, rather than bonded

• Have shorter length hair and finer hair texture.

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