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Twincare Hairstylist Of The Year Theme Announced and Competition Updates

The Twincare HSOTY theme has been announced: Steampunk!

What is Steampunk?

“A style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.”

"The essence of Steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist."

Competition Updates:

New Make-Up Award

This year, make-up will be incorporated into the HSOTY and there will be a Best Make-Up Award.

Twincare Awards Evening Date

Twincare HSOTY will be held on Sunday 2nd December 2018. The fabulous

Twincare Awards Evening will be held on Saturday 1st December, allowing out-of-town guests to attend both events in one trip.

Competitor Communications

This year, Twincare is bringing competitors...

• Super-clear briefs on their sections and entries.

• Ongoing communication after entering.

• A fabulously exciting, fun evening!

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