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KMS Finishers: Genderless Grooming

The Gender Neutral trend is huge right now... and KMS has a fabulous new Genderless Grooming range to showcase these fashionable looks! You’re going to love the effects you can create with these exciting, versatile products.

Meet Hairstay Molding Pomade, Hairplay Hybrid Claywax, and Hairstay Hard Wax.


Hairstay Molding Pomade

100% grooming, 0% greasiness

His look embraces the unexpected with NEW HAIRSTAY Molding Pomade. Maximum flexibility and elasticity plus strong hold let you create touchable, infinite looks that last.


Hairplay Hybrid Claywax

The next generation of a clay

His look embraces the unexpected with NEW HAIRPLAY Hybrid Claywax. It dries like a clay, but molds like a wax, so you can reshape your style throughout the day.


Hairstay Hard Wax

More than just a wax

Her look embraces the unexpected with NEW HAIRSTAY Hard Wax. It lets you restyle and redefine your look throughout the day without the typical greasy hair feel of a classic wax.

For more information call 011 312 5070.

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