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L’Oréal Colour Trophy – Planning and Photography Tips

With L’Oréal Colour Trophy excitement building, now is the time to start planning and preparing for your look... from concept to photography, your chosen style must be flawlessly executed. Before you create your look, you need to intensively research your concept and theme, taking inspiration from the fashion catwalks and creating something that stands out for all the right reasons.

Fashion-inspired, original, eyecatching, and trendy. Putting together a mood board can help you to shape your concept. Model choice is crucial, and a super-attractive appearance is very important to showcase your style and catch the judges’ eyes. Choose a model who is confident and photogenic, with good features, good skin and good hair. Make sure that your chosen look will work with her features and face shape.

Having a great photographer who understands hair, and an experienced photographic make-up artist, is essential. Lighting is all-important to showcase your colour. Keep your background simple, as a “busy” background will detract from the hair. Speak to your team beforehand about your desired look, and brief them well so that you all know exactly what you want to achieve during the shoot.

When you prepare for your shoot, attention to detail is key. The look must be flawless, and the camera will pick up all the tiny details. A helpful hint: Instead of looking at your model during the shoot, look at the computer screen, because what you see there is the visual you will be submitting. Make sure everything that is in the photograph, works well with the total look – make-up and clothing included.

Quote to Inspire: “I love having the opportunity to create an image and develop something that isn’t necessarily “everyday”. I wanted to be a part of something that was amazing and something that I knew would push me creatively. To have the chance to showcase my work to some of the biggest names in the industry in itself is so exciting.” Linton & Mac – 2017 UK Colour Trophy Winner

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