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An Industry-first from the Heart of Modern Hair and Beauty.

In the spirit of change that has recently swept across South Africa, Modern Hair and Beauty has decided to take a massive leap toward what may be an industry-first.

Chris Stofberg, Managing Director, has announced via online video, that the company will implement a 10% price reduction on various colour brands. This decision came in the wake of the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma and the subsequent stabilising of the Rand. “We are optimistic about our country, and continued currency stabilisation, which is why we would like to extend the same optimism to our clients.”, said Chris in a heartfelt explanation of the companies groundbreaking decision. “We, together with our clients, have felt the enormous strain that a weakened Rand can place on business.”

South African owned, Modern Hair and Beauty handles all their own imports. While importing has become increasingly expensive, the company has remained committed to negotiated prices to bring customers the best value. The March and April price reduction applies to Wella Professionals and Kadus Professional colour brands, while stocks last.

Let's do something to boost our colour business and get those colour clients to return more frequently!

If you would like more information please contact your Sales Representative, or phone 0860 104 109.

Watch Chris Stofberg’s original video below.

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