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Transformation: Holiday Yellow to Cool Blonde by Eugene Venter, Paul James Hairdressing

For the holidays, senior stylist and manager Eugene Venter created a fabulously funky yellow effect for his client – and then turned it back into a stylish cool blonde when it was back to work time! Here’s how he performed this stunning change.

For my summer yellow fun in the sun hair I used Matrix 5mg and 10vol on the roots colorblended into Matrix 7mg with 10vol on the mid-lengths, and did full ombre foils on the ends using Matrix Lightmaster and 20vol.

It was processed for 35min. The hair lifted to a light yellow. I toned the hair using half Matrix Color Sync 10g and Matrix Soboost Yellow with Sync Developer and processed it for 30 min.

The hair was rinsed and I then put Punked Yellow over and processed it for 30min.

After the holidays the yellow had washed out to a pale yellow. When she came back for her back to work hair I only needed to tone her hair (as the base color was still beautiful) using Matrix Color Sync 10ml 10V, 10ml 8A and 5 ml 3VV and Sync Developer.

After I toned the hair I used the new Brass Off range from Matrix Total Results. The new range has a very strong blue pigment in it which I used to eliminate unwanted the orange tones in the hair and enhance the violet blonde in the ombre.

Eugene Venter, Paul James Hairdressing, Alberton City 011 907-5909 / 011 869 8630

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