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Launch: Hairnews Home Disaster Fixes

The Hairnews team is bringing you a brand new, fun and exciting series in 2018.

Hairnews Home Disaster Fixes aims to promote professional hairdressing and drive clients into salons - while giving clients a second chance after making terrible decisions!

How it Works

Each series, we will advertise on social media for a client who has ruined her hair by trying to do it at home. It’s turned into an expensive disaster and she needs help fast!

Hairnews will team up with the closest participating salon in her area, and will make a contribution to the costs of fixing the disaster hair! We’ll ask one of the salon’s retail suppliers to be a homecare angel, providing a set of products to continue the good work.

The result?

The salon hopefully gains a new, happy client who tells all her friends and spreads the word on social media about how her hair disaster was fixed!

Awesome PR for everyone involved, particularly for the salon, and for the professional industry in general!

Great hair days and second chances mean happy endings instead of split endings!

If you would like to be a participating salon, please email info@hairnews.co.za with your salon name and area, and we will be in touch asap.

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