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Smartbond: Industry Testimonials

L’Oréal Professionnel’s amazing bond protector, Smartbond, has revolutionised the industry, and here’s what leading stylists have to say!

Terence – Owner: Terenzo Hairdressing International, Dunkeld, Jhb

In the beginning I was wary, it sounded too good to be true and we were very late in bringing it into our business. Now I use it on a daily basis, on 90 percent of all my colour treatments, not only the bleaches. We are using it both as a stand alone and integrated into other services. You can really push your colours further. It’s exciting to get those ashy, clean blondes when you want to break through the orange and the yellow but you are scared about damage. In the last ten years, I can think of three products that have truly revolutionised the industry, and Smartbond is one of them!

Below: Recent work by Terenzo


Sean Cox – Owner: Swept, Morningside, Jhb

Smartbond allows us to play with colour far more than in the past, without compromising condition. It is also a must-have for any client trying to come back from an “oops” moment! The main advantages are that it repairs damaged hair much faster, you don’t have to use a higher developer to lift, and of course it protects the hair when going just that little bit lighter. It’s easy for clients to use at home as it can be used as a conditioner.

Below: Recent work by Sean Cox


Sharika – Master Stylist, Rolf Offermann, Westville

Smartbond has taken hair colouring to the next level where the desired colour can be achieved without damaging or sensitising the hair. We use it as a stand-alone treatment, and to prepare the hair for any colour service. It does not change or slow down the processing time, it is easy and convenient to use, the hair is shiny and healthy, and you are able to achieve dramatic colour changes!

Below: Recent work by Sharika


Louise Pieters – Senior Stylist, Zephyr Hair, Gillitts, KZN

Adding Smartbond into colour makes the result more vibrant, especially the blues and the reds. By adding it to the bleach for ombres, much more can be done to broaden the colour spectrum. We are now able to do more vibrant colours and safe bleaching which helps to meet clients’ expectations, and we get there without compromising the hair. After seeing the results in salon, Smartbond is easy to sell to clients as a take home product that will produce the desired result. It allows so much more creativity, especially with curly, rebellious hair.

Below: Recent work by Louise Pieters

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