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Summer Frizz? Here’s a Sweet solution!

Treat your client to a Sweet Summer with the Sweet Generation 2 Treatment

For many women, hot summer days can be more of a foe than a friend. The humidity and heat are enemies to frizz-free, easy-to-style hair.

Any woman who must spend hours styling her hair will tell you that’s not her idea of fun. As hair stylists, we should help our clients cut their styling time and up their leisure time. It should be our mission to give our clients gorgeous, summer-ready hair without fuss.

Sweet Professional offers exactly that: smoother and more manageable hair.

Furthermore, Sweet Generation 2 has an improved formula with added nutrients, a faster developing time, a heightened fragrance -and, offers the same ease of application as the original Sweet The First Shampoo.

Give your clients what they really want: sweet summer hair.

For more information on Sweet Generation 2 contact:

Modern Hair & Beauty

0860 104 109

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