Indola Trends – Active 80s and Modern Muse

November 1, 2017


These stunning looks are edgy enough to be super-fashionable, but commercial enough to be ultra-wearable.

The end result: flattering, must-have styles that clients will love!




Activ 80s:

Here’s how to create this sharp, super-sporty bob with a violet-red shimmer.


Cutting Top Tip

Create graphic lines and a strong shape with an undercut section (up to the occipital bone) that reduces the weight, bringing in more movement and helping the cut sit closer to the head to avoid that dreaded bowl effect! This is a super cut for wavy or curly hair, too – ultra-versatile.


Colour 1

Comb on hair PCC 5.77x + 3.0 (1:1) + 2% / 7 vol Cream Developer

Colour 2: Global roots

PCC 8.77 + PCC 6.77x (1:1) + 2% / 7 vol Cream Developer

Colour 3: Global mid lengths and ends

PCC 8.77x + PCC6.77x (1:1) + 6% / 20 vol Cream Developer


Styling Products

Innova Color Shampoo, Innova Color Leave-in / Rinse Off Treatment

Innova Smooth Serum, Innova Divine Blond Illuminateur Spray


Want to see the full step by step to create this look? CLICK HERE


Modern Muse:

Create this trendy, romantic look glowing with fiery copper, perfect for curls!


Cutting Top Tip

Any shape with corners (squares or triangles) can be a problem for curly hair. Create a rounded form for the curls to sit on, with some shaping around the fringe. Then blow out the curls with a hairdryer, using your fingers to stretch the lengths.


Colour 1

PCC 8.43 + 0.33 (60g + 5g) + 9% / 30 vol Cream Developer

Colour 2

PCC 7.44 + 0.66 (60g + 5g) + 6% / 20 vol Cream Developer

Colour 3

PCC 6.44 + 2% / 7 vol Cream Developer


Styling Products 

Innova Repair Shampoo, Innova Repair Instant Keratin Filler

Innova Thermal Protector, Innova Strong Mousse


Want to see the full step by step to create this look? CLICK HERE


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