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Schwarzkopf Colour Formulas: Opulent and Rosé Blush

Igora Royal Opulescence and BlondMe Instant Blush allow you to create two of the most sought-after colour effects in today's hairdressing. With depth, shimmer, seamless blending and gorgeous condition guaranteed. Here are the formulas for the Essential Looks trend Opulent, and the stunning Rose Blush.

Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks 2017-1:

Trend 1 Opulent

Colours used:

Colour 1 – Igora Royal 5-6 and O-77 (or Igora ColourWorx Orange) & Igora Royal Oil Developer 3%

Colormelter tray and sponge

Colour 2 – Igora Royal Opulescence 6-78 & Igora Royal Oil Developer 6%

Colour 3 – Igora Royal 5-6 and O-77 (or Igora ColourWorx Orange) & Igora Royal Oil Developer 3%

Colour 4 – Igora Royal 9-5 and O-77 (or ColourWorx Orange)& Igora Royal Oil Developer 9%

FIBREPLEX No.1 Bond Booster added to all above colours

(follow FIBREPLEX mixing instructions)

After rinsing FIBREPLEX shampoo and FIBREPLEX No. 2 Bond Sealer were applied

For more information on the Igora range click here


Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Rosé Blush

Colour 1:

  • 35g Premium Lightener 9+ + 10mlBlondMe Bleach&ToneSoft (rose)

  • 60ml Premium Developer 6%

Colour 2:

  • BlondMeLifting-Sand

  • Premium Developer 12%

  • 1:1

Colour 3:

  • BlondMeLifting- Ice + BlondMeToning- Strawberry

  • Premium Developer 12%

  • 1:1

Try the new BlondMe Instant Blushes! Available in Ice, Steele, Jade and Strawberry. For Temporary Tonal changes use BlondMe Instant Blush Spray Strawberry directly on the area/section you prefer- blow dry or style as per usual. For a more pastel effect add a small amount to your Hair Mask- distribute evenly through the hair- allow to condition for 5-10minutes - rinse well- style as normal.

For more information about the BlondMe range click here

For more info CLICK HERE or call 011 203 0700.

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