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Video Inspiration: L'Oréal Colorful Hair Techniques

Tutorials: Peekaboo, Pastelage, Palest Peach and Beach Blonde with Smartbond

L’Oréal’s amazing Colorful Hair has taken the industry by storm. Epitomising today’s trends, these shades can be tailor-made from bright and bold to the sheerest subtlety. Sometimes, less is more... These three consumer-friendly videos show how to use Colorful Hair in ways that will simply add a hint of playful character to hair, making it a wearable fashion must-have for every client.

With the phenomenal Smartbond technology that strengthens hair’s bonds, colours and bleaches can be performed with confidence.

Palest Peach:

To-die-for! The sheerest hint of colour overlaid onto gorgeously healthy hair, demonstrated by the iconic Matthew Collins!

Peekaboo Hair:

The ultra-trendy yet subtle option, perfect for clients who want just a hint of colour in their style.


Gorgeous, subtle, seamless blend... this look is divine – but how can you personalise Colorful Hair for your clients?

Smartbond Stunning Surf-Beach-Blonding Technique

And, just as a bonus extra, we’ve added a video showing Matthew Collins demonstrating the power of Smartbond, as he performs the most incredible bleaching technique. What a transformation... watch and enjoy!

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