September 21, 2017

Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for September.

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You’re about to find out how much people trust you. You may hear something about somebody that must NOT be repeated to anyone at all. You’re good at keeping your own secrets, so do the same for others. Time for you to tap your talents that have been lurking in the dark for too long. Something special is going to be required from you, and this is where you blossom. Greatly!



If you’re thinking about taking a holiday, forget it Sag! Too many people need you at work right now. Instead of using sharp instruments against the ones you suspect are holding you back, just get on with it and the right time will arrive … You also need to look at the thing you’ve been wanting to do for a hundred years and actually make some plans. You’ll be surprised at the support!



You appear to have received the news you have been waiting for, for so long. At last you can focus on what you really want instead of what you thought you wanted. Take everything as it comes and don’t lose sight of the horizon. With your communication skills you can come up with a wondrous plan to make money. (The sooner the better.) You’re a hard worker, Cap! Get with it!



Time for a gathering or two. You are so good with people, you can practically make them do whatever you want them to. So, sociable is the word you need to apply yourself to getting people together and teaching them something about themselves. You have a way with words and people tend to fall at your feet. Not always a good thing of course, but use it to your advantage right now. 



You are making plans like mad for the future but you do not trust yourself enough. You know there is a special path you have to walk to find what you have been looking for all your life, so get to it. You keep worrying about details that have no impact on what is important. Time also to apply yourself spiritually and learn to trust the Universe instead of putting on your boxing gloves.



You have to learn that skill that you have been trying to button down for so long. The harder you try to avoid it, the harder it will be when you recognize it and everything that goes along with it. You are expert at handling people, but you keep missing something. Maybe try for some advice from someone who has done it before? (Can’t see you lowering yourself to this, Aries,  - try!)



Taurus, you are famous for getting what you want, so now would be a good time to decide what you want now and get on with it at a speed. You are very good at detail and you never give up, and the job you are doing at the moment might not be fulfilling your wildest dreams. (Taurus? Wild dreams?). Don’t get so depressed that you decide to apply your horns to everyone around you.



You need to make a decision, which is the hardest thing for a Gemini to do as you have these interesting personalities – Some people have two, you seem to have a list. If someone offers you a job that sounds too good to be true, that could be exactly what’s wrong with it. Get info before you accept or decline and listen to advice for a change. Love is hovering in the background. Wait…



We all know you are capable of saving the world single-handedly, but right now you have other things to do. Like pay attention to family matters more than you will probably want to. Tough for you Cancer, you have to see the road ahead clearly, or at least clearer than usual. Come out of your shell and apply yourself to clearing paths for everyone, left, right and centre. Think before you talk.


LEO  23 JULY – 22 AUG

Have you come across that Prince/Princess that has been following your progress so closely for so long? Probably not, you’re too busy styling your mane. So look around and make an effort to spot this person before he/she gets very, very tired of no response. If you lose him/her, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Work looks good, but do try and keep your temper with “others”.


VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP

Best energy in a long time, Virgo! Now is the time to not only make plans but also to get started on those projects that have been on your list for so long. However, do try to heed advice, and don’t slow yourself down with details that do not matter… (What on earth are we saying?). Lovelife could be better, he/she is feeling left out. Don’t leave The One Left Out too long. You don’t need this.


LIBRA  23 SEP - 22 OCT

Don’t take on anything with the family that you haven’t thought through very carefully. VERY carefully. You may just end up being be-headed or worse (there’s worse?)… You very seldom get to say what you want in the best way but in this case you had better apply yourself with gusto. If it’s a job offer, make sure of the details before you get carried away. Good money, but…



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