Colour Recipe: Punked Neon Steel Violet

September 1, 2017

What a glorious transformation to a stunning steel-violet sheen. Here is how this was achieved.


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Punked Hair Studio

Stylist Jacqueline Lewis

Products: Punked Neon Hair Dye 




Bleach 60grm

Peroxide  vol 20 120grm

Roots 25 min

Last 5 min shampoo combination to ends at basin 


Roots- 20 min with heat 20 min without heat 

30grm Dark Pink Punked Hair Dye

+ 5grm Dark Purple Punked Hair Dye

+ 5grm Pastel Mixer Punked Hair Dye

60grm Punked Chemical free Activator


Ends- 20 min process time 

Light grey Tint me 20grm

+ 0.88 Wella 2grm

Vol 5 50grm



Step 1 grey ends

Step 2 Punked roots

Step 3 Botox treatment 


Home Care For Client for longer lasting colour  

Punked Freeze Steel Toner Shampoo

Punked Freeze Steel Toner Conditioner

Punked Freeze Steel Spray 

Punked once a week Steel Freeze Hair Mask



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