STOP PRESS: "Why I Love KMS" - Superstar Simon Miller Interview and Seminar Highlights

August 30, 2017

New York superstar stylist Simon Miller travelled to South Africa earlier this year and held a phenomenal series of seminars, launching the new KMS range. Here’s some photos and video footage from the events, and an interview with Simon on why he loves the new KMS range, and what it takes to become an international superstar.



What do you love most about your job?

One of the most incredible things I’ve learnt after travelling all this time for KMS is that stylists are the same the world over and there is almost like a brotherhood of stylists worldwide. Its meeting these people daily that I love the most. I realise that we can communicate through hair when we can’t through language.


What three things about the new KMS range excite you the most?

START, STYLE, FINISH is the most intuitive approach we have ever had. The sophistication inside the bottle is now represented on the outside too. 

With our new products and future offerings we are looking at future trends and not just what’s happening now.


How do you stay inspired to be constantly creative?

Oh you mean seriously, sorry: Travel, art , music and choosing to live in a city (NEW YORK) that has always stood for the progression of style.


What’s your advice to hairdressers who aspire to be platform artists and industry rock stars?

Put yourself in the epicentres of style around the world ( London, NYC, Sydney. Hong Kong etc) – be inspired by them, and spend time living, working, studying or travelling there.


What’s your advice to hairdressers on how to best look after and delight the clients in their chair?

Define the hair you are really good at. You can’t be good at all types of hair and styling. Figure out what is your thing and be amazing at it rather than OK at everything. I think that we will see more specialization in the salons – Not a colour specialist but an Ombre specialist etc.


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