These awards are to celebrate the most beautiful, relevant, well designed interiors that offer the perfect space for clients.

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Please include in the email:

1.Your name and phone number

2.Your salon name and address

3.Up to six photos of your salon’s shop front and interior (ensure attachments are not larger than 10 MB in total)

4.A diagram of your salon’s layout (either plans or a sketch)

5.Answer this question: How does your salon’s decor, feel and layout complement your clientele, your salon’s philosophy, and your location?


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Category Criteria

A salon interior that is pleasing to the eye with good use of layout and decor, in harmony with its surroundings, branding and clientele.


• Any salons may enter this award no matter where you are located or how big or small your salon

• Ensure you include all attachments, info and contact details as requested or you will have to resubmit your entry

• Entries close at midnight on Friday 31 January


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