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Is Your Salon Quiet? Three Ways to “Busy” It Up
At the moment, a lot of salons are experiencing a slump, with many hoping that this is the calm before the storm. It certainly may be, and while we all hope that November-December will bring a surge in business, now is the time to do the groundwork to maximise your turnover – in the next days, the next weeks, and the next months.
1. Ensure Social Media Communication Consistency
Quieter times mean more opportunity to make the most of every client you do. Take photos, showcase your work, get it out there, promote yourself, and make sure you are branding yourself as a destination salon that specialises in your areas of expertise. Spend on marketing doesn’t have to be huge, but it must be well targeted to reap rewards. Keep your social media and communication with clients regular, upbeat, and reflecting your approach and your salon’s ethos.
2. Don’t Neglect Health, Safety and Vaccination
This is not the time to allow your personal misgivings, or embracing misinformation, to put you, your business, or your staff at risk. Get vaccinated and encourage your staff and your team to do likewise. The more people who are, then the better we will cope in the fourth wave. Being vaccinated gives clients huge peace of mind and will help ensure you do not lose valuable down time due to being sick and coping with a lengthy recovery. Keep your masks and protocols firmly in place and make sure that you are focused on the long term benefits of a safe, compliant salon every day.
3. Relook at Retail
Retail can be such an important add-on, and in a time where so many people are seeking for more ways to be well, feel better and look better, there are many retail products you can add to your salon that will boost your revenue and also encourage repeat sales. If you are experiencing quieter times, then look at these options and promote them. Although selling in salon is first prize and you should always focus on this, don’t be left behind in terms of online sales. There are many ways to implement this and you don’t have to open up your own e-commerce store to make commission on sales. You could even organise something as simple as having your clients whatsapp their orders to you, and you send them out by courier. Rather offer the service and enjoy the benefits, than don’t offer it and have them make those purchases elsewhere.

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Exclusive Hair Studio For Sale in Sandton

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