It’s a fact that even in non-pandemic years, January is always a quieter month after the festive spending season, and early February can be, too. Given that there will be some quiet days at this time, it makes sense to use the time for effective planning.


Here are some areas where you can focus on planning now, to prepare for the year ahead.


Covid Compliance and Safety 

While it’s quiet, do a review of your salon and even ask a friend to come in as a “mystery client” to give feedback on your protocols. As well as the protocols you are adhering to – hopefully correctly – such as mask wearing, sanitising etc, are there any other additional measures you could include? Something as simple as installing a fan in the salon to create moving air, can help to lessen the risk of viral transmission and help clients feel safer. 



Planning for Staff

At the moment, there is a massive shortage of hairstylists and many salons that are fortunate enough to be viable and doing good business after lockdown, are finding that they really need additional full time staff members or a long term chair rental to help pay the bills. January is a much better month than December to source staff. People who were staying put to capitalise on the festive season trade are now ready to make a move. Finding the right staff member is a challenging job so use every avenue. Advertise, network and call. Don’t discount the usefulness of bringing in a keen young student – this way you can train them correctly and grow them into a valuable asset to your business. With a little more time to spare while lockdown persists, why not use it to train and develop a new team member?


Reviewing Products, Software, Services, Premises​

While it’s quieter, use the time to do a full scale review of everything your salon is using – from the premises you are occupying to the products you are stocking, the software supporting your business, the services that you are providing and also the ones you are using. Price is an important issue for clients, but in your search for the perfect pricing you also do not want to compromise on quality and the outcomes of your salon services. January may be a good month to trial new products and services, or to survey your clients on what they need.


Social Media Overhaul​

More than ever, social media is vital, so use the energy at the start of the year to get yours off to a strong start too! When times are tough it can be difficult to post positive material on social media and times have undoubtedly been tough for everyone over the past months. While it’s quieter, use the time to review your social media, make a chart, get a plan in place, and set the tone for content that can appear regularly while informing, uplifting, and hopefully entertaining and growing your client base!

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