How Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs can Access the Johann Rupert Funding

The details of Johann Rupert’s R1-billion donation to offset the effects of the Covid-19 crisis have been announced.


Entrepreneurs (formal sole proprietors) can get a cash payment of R25,000 which is a once-off grant, and does not have to be repaid.


Businesses can also apply for this cash payment, as well as a low interest loan of up to R1-million. The loan comes with a 12-month repayment holiday.

What must businesses do?

Businesses must be tax-compliant, and prove that they were viable before the coronavirus affected them. Documents and supporting evidence will be required to corroborate that the business was viable, and that after the onset of Covid-19, the business has experienced a decrease in turnover, erosion of working capital, or an inability to pay salaries.


Sole proprietors will need to provide proof of an active bank account to show business activity prior to coronavirus, and will also need to be tax compliant.


Payouts will be made as fast as possible and hopefully within seven days of application, if approved.


How to Apply

Applications must be made online, and you must have all the supporting documents available to submit with your application.


Here is the website where you can apply:


With thanks to Business Insider and CNBC Africa for this information.

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Debunking Coronavirus Myths

Even while they are in lockdown, a salon owner provides a role of leadership and information sharing to staff and clients. It’s vitally important not to be caught in the trap of passing on information that is untrue or inaccurate. Worst case, it can have legal repercussions and even result in criminal charges. Best case, it is demoralising and confusing. 


This LINK provides a valuable resource for salons who are looking to check whether news is genuine or fake.


Supporting Staff During Lockdown

Here are five ways that you can provide ongoing support and motivation to your staff during this challenging time:


1.Share Information: share the good stuff including links to available online education, useful pages and sites, inspirational hair videos, easy recipes to make at home, information from banks and financial institutions that can be of help to people under financial pressure... whatever you know will occupy their time in a constructive way and bring some cheer.

2.Make sure you are playing an active role in helping them where practical help is needed, whether it’s applying for UIF, or giving them airtime so that they can contact their bank and organise a payment holiday.

3.Organise a mini salon conference online once a week where you can chat, keep each other’s spirits up, and also brainstorm over ideas to kickstart your business once lockdown has lifted, communication with clients and hair advice including lockdown dos and don’ts, and also update them on your engagement with clients so far and any feedback you have received. There are many ways of doing this for free – Zoom is one of the best known, but use your downtime to explore which option works best for you and your team.

4.Check in with them personally every two or three days, with a personal Whatsapp message or text, to check that they are healthy and that they are not becoming depressed. Extroverts in particular will suffer during lockdown and might need additional support.

5.Knowledge is power, so ensure that you, the salon owner, stay up to date with all new developments and changes in the lockdown timeline and regulations (ensuring that you use genuine information and not “fake news” as your guide) – and inform staff accordingly, as this will allow you to quickly adapt your “back to business” strategy as needed so that you and your staff are on the same page, and the right page.

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