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Welcome to the 2019 Summer Colour Trend Mailer for Hair Inspiration. 

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Salome de Wet: Brighter Tones & Power Pastels
Goldwell Elumen Play: Semi Permanent Fashion Shades
Shawn Bubb: In Salon Demand for Blonder Blondes
The Innovative muk Colour: One tube, Six Results
Chase Meakin: Brightening Darker Looks & Warm Blondes
Inebrya’s Revolutionary Permanent Colour
Betsy Giani-Pieterse: Fast Bright Balayage & Warm Blondes
Why More Salons are Switching to Matrix Colour
Andrew van Aswegen: Brighten Up from Balayage to Melt
milk_shake’s Delicious World of Conditioning Colour
James Earnshaw: Colour Trends in Afro Hair
The “Iconic” Bestseller: Icon Frosted Grey Range
Lilac: The Surprise Popular Shade of 2019
Keep Ahead of Change with Wella’s new KP ME+
Charles Jr Louw: Brondes, Butter Blondes & Money Pieces
Everline Naturcolor Professional Color Line
International Autumn-Winter Trends in Colour


Welcome to our 2019 Colour Mailer

This is our roundup of what’s trending, in style, and in demand as we head into summer. We have showcased some of the effective and exciting products on the market, as well as advice from some of our top trendsetters, platform artists and colourists on what they are doing in-salon and what they’ve brought back from education overseas.


Colour this summer is bright, varied and exciting – and today’s trends are definitely driving clients into salons, with techniques and effects that simply cannot be achieved, or even maintained, at home. Great news for colourists and clients alike – here’s to a busy and successful summer season in your salon!

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Salome de Wet: Look, Cape Town

Brighter Tones and Power Pastels


With the season change to summer, clients are all wanting lighter and brighter hair. Balayage is still one of the most frequent services in my salon. Colour melting with darker roots merging to lighter ends, is also popular and full bleach is rising in popularity.

Salome de Wet.jpg

The biggest trend for 2020 is Power Pastels. These are colours that are not completely pastel, but also not the colour in its purest form. Natural colours are “dustified” and softened. The colour of the year for 2020 is Aqua Marine, which is a subtle blend of mint and teal.

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Goldwell Elumen Play: Semi-permanent Fashion, Made to Fade

Now you can offer clients unlimited creativity with 13 intermixable fashion shades that fade on tone, including a Clear shade to pastelize and a Black shade for a smoky effect. The creamy consistency is perfect for creative freehand techniques. Clients can try the creative colours they’ve always longed for without commitment, as they will fade on tone – or else use Elumen Play Eraser to easily remove colour by up to 100% on pre-lightened hair.



Extraordinary colour with HD technology that gives the most incredible result by sitting on the inner and outer levels of the cuticle, is boosted by Shine & Care Technology for outstanding health, shine and brilliance.


Elumen Play is wowing salons all over the country with its phenomenal results and amazing intensity. Introduce your clients to a new world of colour possibilities!

Now, you have full flexibility by using long lasting Elumen, or semi-permanent Elumen Play colour, to create any vivid colour effect, and any colour duration, your client desires! Bring Elumen into your salon's toolbox today!


Contact Goldwell on 011 312 5070 to try this new innovation in your salon!
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Shawn Bubb: Cutting Edge – Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp

In-Salon Demand: Blondes Going Blonder

In our salon, clients have started to request more highlights and full head blondes. This is partly due to summer being around the corner with the need to go lighter, but blondes are less subtle than they were with chunkier highlights.

•Shawn Bubb.jpg


Our previous balayage clients are coming in and saying, “I want a full head of highlights”. When we ask for reference pictures they are showing us full blondes that have moved away from the more natural look. We originally converted all our full head highlight customers to balayage and we are now converting them back again! It’s great for us as

hairdressers as the look is higher maintenance and must be touched up more frequently. It’s nice to see our clients

more often! I think this is due to the Kardashians and the Jenners who are always big trendsetters.

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The Innovative Muk Colour: 1 Tube, 6 Results
Permanent • Demi Permanent • Intense Demi Permanent • Colour Balancing • Blonde Toning • Men’s Grey Blending
Unique and groundbreaking, cost-effective and technologically innovative, muk’s 6-in-1 formula offers a palette of 103 intermixable shades for every creative need. This range is a game-changer for the South African market, with the products’ ability to convert colour, based on the developer and lotion used.


All photos courtesy of Jo Ingram of Ochre. Studio.



muk was created to outperform market leaders, while offering something new, exciting and different that is PPD free, Vegan, Peta approved and derived from almost 80% naturally derived products.
muk Hybrid Ultra Lift Bleach is designed to produce clean and clear lightening results with up to 9 levels of lift whilst helping to maintain the health and integrity of the hair. It is formulated for use on scalp, foils, balayage, freehand.
Salons are lining up to experience our playdates, where you can see the muk difference for yourself! Email us today to book a playdate at your salon, and find out more about the colour that’s shaken up the SA industry!

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Chase Meakin: Chase Hairdressing, Mulbarton
Brightening Darker Looks and Warm Hued Blondes
It’s so important to create change for our clients, to keep them coming back to you. If you don’t offer them change, they will go elsewhere, which is why summer trends represent a great opportunity. In spring, clients are open to being more bright and colourful but you don’t have to work on an 8, 9 or 10 level. A few freehand painted sections that are 3-4 levels lighter than the base colour will create your summery effect and also customise your work.



I am hoping to work with more deeper reds, violets and coppers this summer – although the majority of our work in salon will be blondes. Blondes this summer are warming up and we are seeing caramel blondes, honey blondes, strawberry blondes and rose gold blondes. We are doing a lot of deeper root stretching with freehand painting.

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Inebrya’s Revolutionary Permanent Colour
Innovation and results to inspire!



• With lasting colour and brilliant shine, clients will love the results.

• 100% grey coverage is guaranteed on all colours, even fantasy colours.

• The PPD-free formulation contains ultra-high quality, pure micro pigments to reduce the risk of any scalp discomfort.

• Hair is regenerated and hydrated during the colour process for optimum health.

• The patented red pigment Pyrazol ensures the brightest reds will not fade, while the Dual Colour Technology includes two sizes of pigment molecule in all the colours to ensure longevity.


You will get a brilliant colour result, 100% in line with the colour chart.

Contact to experience the difference for yourself!

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Betsy Giani-Pieterse: Tint Colorlab, Pretoria
Fast, Bright Balayages and Warmer Blondes
Balayage is still popular, especially with clients who are wanting to economise as it can be stretched for longer. However time is money too, and the trend is moving towards quicker balayages. New techniques allow you to do open air balayage in less than an hour, going back into the colour and backcombing and reapply to lift the ends brighter. I learned this at the Matrix Destination in Spain.



My clientele definitely want to see the blonde in their balayages; they want to see it gleaming in the light, especially on the ends. Blondes are warming up and not so icy any more – this also allows for better condition as you don’t have to bleach to a totally cool shade. I’ll be changing my clients to a warmer tone and letting them enjoy the incredible shine! Other trends to look out for this summer are the high fashion colours and direct dyes – they are coming back, and more popular and accepted than they have been before, among all ages. My final must-have trend for the summer is a gorgeous, natural, mushroom brown.

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Why More Salons are Switching to Matrix Colour
Matrix has revolutionized the salon industry, empowering hairdressers to “Believe, Dream, Succeed”.
Stocking the number 1 trusted salon brand in the world has huge advantages for your salon. Its incredible formulations are designed to be true to tone, and work perfectly on the most diverse hair types.



Because our top quality, amazingly affordable colour is packed with the latest technology, you will achieve perfect results every time. The two features that set Matrix apart are firstly the way the colour “pops” with a perfectly even, saturated finish, and secondly the incredible, next-level shine thanks to rich, caring formulas.Education and empowerment are our biggest priority, and this encompasses far more than colour. Matrix is distributed by Slick Salon Solutions, and we pride ourselves on our impeccable service and personal attention to all salons, large and small. Let us know what your needs are – we would love to spend some time helping you map your personal path to improved revenue, happier clients, business empowerment and more!

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Andrew van Aswegen: The Colour Bar, Randpark Ridge
Brighten Up: From Balayage to Melt
At the moment, the trends in Europe are all about bright fashion colours, pinks and faded rose golds, and colourful, warm, bright blondes with less ash showing. There are so many options now for clients who want a change and who are a bit daring.


Balayages are starting to technically be done more like colour melts, with darker roots and brighter ends. Melting is quicker and easier to do than a classic balayage which saves the client a lot of time, as nowadays not many clients want to sit for three or four hours in the salon. Products are keeping pace and leading the trends and now ultra-fast toners are also saving time and creating fabulous effects. My advice to salons is to keep up to date, there are so many techniques and trends being seen and taught, and in a competitive market you have to keep giving each client the very best and latest in order to keep them happy with their hair, and coming back to you.


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Milkshake’s World of Coloring
New generation milk_shake formulas give a natural, creative, radiant and healthy result with a unique sensorial experience for clients. The result? Beautiful, healthy hair.
The purity and strength of nature is expressed through delicate hair colour with a conditioning base and active ingredients that respect the hair for visibly radiant, glossy, soft hair with intense, long lasting results.



Creative Conditioning Permanent Colour: Highly creative, perfect grey coverage, incredibly long lasting with unlimited combinations. 


Delicate Permanent Hair Colouring Oil: Ammonia-free permanent colouring oil for a delicate, natural, long lasting result with perfect grey coverage.


Smoothies Conditioning Semi Permanent Colour: Gentle, ammonia-free, semi-permanent tone on tone with an extremely vibrant, radiant result.

Contact milk_shake on
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James Earnshaw, Creative Manager, Bad Apple Hair, UK
Colour Trends in Afro Hair
The current trend of embracing natural Afro curls, is that women are becoming more experimental with their colour.


Pre-lightening is usually required when adding colour to Afro hair, so consider using a lightener with a bond enforcer already integrated inside, such as Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme, as this will help achieve maximum lift without compromising or altering the curl pattern. It’s also important to encourage your client to keep their Afro locks deeply moisturised, particularly following a colour treatment. Advise them to use a sulphate-free, moisture-rich shampoo, conditioner and treatment, and encourage them to stick to a good trim regime.

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Icon Frosted Grey Range: A Bestselling Legend
For a perfectly silver, shimmering effect on blonde and bleached hair as well as grey hair and lilac hair, Icon’s Frosted Grey Shampoo and Ash Spray provides an innovative and effective solution.
The shampoo contains wheat proteins and vitamin B5 to moisturise hair with amino acids for clarity and shine. The shampoo will tone down unwanted yellow and brassy tones while illuminating highlights. The Ash Spray is lightweight, perfect for enhancing and brightening blonde locks. It assists in detangling and delivers thermal protection from heat styling. It creates phenomenal shine!



Icon Frosted Grey is a hugely popular range that is loved by clients and has been an ongoing bestseller. It’s a must-have maintenance product for all cooler blonde clients and grey clients in your salon. 

For more information contact Icon on: 012 361 8474 / 012 365 2615


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Lilac: The Surprise Popular Shade of 2019
While pink was the popular hero last summer, the tones this summer have shifted towards lilac.
With searches for lilac hair up 1077 percent on Pinterest, it is set to be 2019's standout colour for summer. Clients looking to create this sought-after tone on their tresses should be ready for the maintenance, as pastels do not always have the longevity clients would love. Using a violet shampoo can help to maintain this colour’s vibrancy for longer, and clients should use heat protective products, UV-filter products, and also wash their hair in cooler water.

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Keep Ahead of Change with Wella’s new Koleston Perfect ME+
Few industries change as often and as rapidly as the fashion and beauty industry and we, as stylists, need to be ahead of the curve to be successful in the game.
The difference between a good stylist and a great stylist is knowing what clients want before they know that they want it! Colour clients in particular are becoming more ingredient-conscious than ever before. They are deeply vested in their wellbeing and in making pure, mindful choices, while getting quality results.
Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ launched well ahead of the current wellness trend, giving stylists a competitive edge in the colour market. KPME+ is Wella’s purest colour ever and the perfect solution for ingredient-conscious clients. ME+, with superior colour technology, is the only oxidative permanent hair dye molecule to replace PTD and PPD, compounds that can produce skin irritations or allergies.



In addition to delivering perfect colour results every time, every single hair strand, from root to tip, is less damaged than ever before. Radical changes in formulation mean that you and your clients are protected against harmful chemicals making KPME+ the best possible lifestyle and wellbeing choice. With KPME+, the only surprises are positive surprises from your delighted clients!

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Charles Junior Louw: Hashtag Colour Lounge, Cape Town
Brondes, Butter Blondes and Money Pieces
"Bronde" is a big trend this summer. For those who can't make up their minds about being blonde or brown. This look is super low maintenance and has a warm gloss tone to it.
Another must-have for summer is butter blondes. I am hugely focused on this trend and it’s definitely something I'm doing in the salon. Dark natural regrowth is lifted with soft caramel and butter blonde tones, and this creates dimension.



The “Fade to blonde” technique is also going to be huge this summer. This is where natural tones just seem to fade into blonde. The technique creates a "fake blonde" mostly done with shades of wheat and honey.
Remember the “money piece” – it’s a must for colour trends! This technique lifts the client’s complexion, makes the colour pop, and it grows out softly.

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Everline Naturcolor Professional Color Line
Pure colour, resulting from the combination of innovative technology, natural principles, and the creativity of a special colour palette.
Brightness, brilliance, hair care and hydration thanks to the new ammonia-free conditioning formula which includes Meadowfoam oil and Red Seaweed.



This is not a simple cosmetic colour but rather a professional hair beauty treatment made in Italy, that is fragrance-free, SLS-free and paraben-free. It offers amazing results, high performance, delicate on the scalp and easy to apply. 49 mixable gel shades create intense, multi-faceted and fascinating results. Hair is soft, hydrated, rich and brilliant and grey hair is perfectly covered.
Contact Haircair for more info or to experience this incredible colour in your salon.

Tel: +27 21 448 8847


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Steph Peckmore, Colour Manager, Bad Apple Hair Group, UK
International Autumn-Winter Trends in Colour
Chunky Grey: Fashion had a love affair with grey a few seasons back, before turning its back in favour of platinum and white. Now the quietly stylish neutral is back, with chunky concrete-grey block streaks added to contrasting coloured hair – usually black. It’s a fresh, flattering and glamorous way to go grey.



Peach: This winter’s take is less sugary and more glam than we’ve seen before. The new season take is metallic peach: a punchy, strong and deliberate shade, with a high-gloss metallic finish that instantly lifts to a high-octane hue. If you want to really nail this trend, leave the roots natural and colour-free.
Pearlescent: Pearlescent shades with super-reflective shine are set to be big this winter. You can try this look with most pastel shades and delicate colours, but pearly white is particularly eye-catching. If a client wants to try the pearlescent trend without the colour, a shimmering blend of silvery grey and cool-toned blonde creates a gorgeous gem-like shimmer.

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