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Special Mailer: Barbering, Beards and Men’s Grooming



Introduction: The Barbering Boom
Wahl Professional’s 100 Year Commemoration Kit
Men’s Hair and Beard Trends by Eric Way
Training: Groomed Academy’s 50% Discount on Junior Barber Course
1920s Trends Gaining Relevance in Men’s Hair by Glen Summers
American Crew: Savings on Selected Beard and Styling Products
Camouflaging Grey: The Importance of Colour
Goldwell Dualsenses and Men’s Reshade

KMS Style Equation for Men
Reuzel Scumbassadors Speak Out on Trends
Reuzel’s Complete your ‘Stache
Getting the Edge in your Gents’ Offering by Melvyn Booysen
Bluebeards Revenge: 30% Discount on Face Scrub
Addressing Hair Loss in the Salon
Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Technology
New Redken Brews Thickening Launches
Training: Wahl Men’s Method Graduate Training Programme


Introduction: The Barbering Boom

A groomed, sharp and trendy appearance has become a must-have for male clients, and barbering is booming, with barbers becoming sought-after staff both in barbershops and salons. More and more salons are setting apart a barbering area within their shop – whether it’s a sectioned off space, or just two chairs with a different decor and feel.


Along with the surge of popularity in men’s grooming, has come the importance of men’s products. Having a range that appeals to gents and which will allow them to better manage their hair and beard is essential. This can make a huge difference to clients, and of course to the salon’s turnover.


In this mailer, we have interviewed a number of SA barbering icons who have highlighted some of the most important trends. We have shone the spotlight on must-have products and exclusive men’s ranges, and of course the all-important topic of hair loss.


Today's challenging times have led to a resurgence in the awareness and importance of hygiene - a topic that should always take front and centre stage in barber shops and men's salons, where blades make frequent contact with skin. Disinfect all equipment visibly and regularly after each client. With the additional challenge of the coronavirus, take extra precautions such as having hand sanitizer available for clients, using a new and freshly sanitised cape and towel for every client (disposable towels if possible), making use of face masks for staff, and sanitising all salon surfaces such as counters, door handles etc. at least twice hourly.


We hope you enjoy this read and that it helps your salon do better business with men’s clients, and become a destination where men can source their every hair need.

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Wahl South Africa

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Men’s Hair and Beard Trend Predictions

By Eric Way, Groomed Academy and Groomed Men Salon 

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This year will see the trends in gent’s hair changing considerably. We have been used to the very dominant fade, and precision cutting has been at the forefront of all haircuts for men. There is a definite movement leaning towards men having more deconstructed longer hairstyles, with shears creating theses shaggy dog looks. It’s time for men to get used to hair treatments for longer hair and styling aids to control those unruly fly-aways.


Beard Trends: Goodbye Gladiator, hello Mr Grey!

For a time now men have been loving not needing to shave. This has seen beard oils reach and all time high in sales, however partners have not always been in agreement with the untamed facial hair. Men have now realised that it’s not only about growing an uncontrolled beard, but to take styling advice from their very trusted Barber, for a new tapered and well shaped design. Trimming a beard projects a far younger and healthier look, whereas a longer and wilder beard ages any persons appearance by years. 


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The Barber’s Role

Today men are seeking the ultimate experience and good value for money. It is important that the Salon or Barbershop uses professional products combined with their expertise in different services.

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1920s Trends Gaining Relevance in Men’s Hair

By Glen Summers, Educator and Training Manager at Sorbet Man

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In 2020 a lot of men’s hairstyles will be showing off natural wavy and textured looks. Keeping them looking healthy is always a winner. I think a spin on some 20s inspired looks will be on the cards for this year. Side partings with tight fades will give a modern edge. Beards are here to stay and guys will be getting more creative with them as time goes on. I think to sum it up retro inspired looks combined with classic and street, are the way things are moving. A good beard and haircut will always work hand in hand with each other.

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What does a good barber need?

I can’t teach attitude. I think having the right mindset when you get into barbering is what is needed. Hairdressing is a way of life. Students need to be consistent and show up no matter what. Skills can be trained. Finally, love what you do with passion. Cut hair like the world is watching and let that be your picture you are painting to the world.

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Camouflaging Grey: The Importance of Colour

Not every man wants to be grey, and not every skin type suits grey hair. Because men’s hair is shorter, it is more difficult to colour all the grey out without the results looking false and the regrowth obvious. Grey blending is a service that every salon should offer as it takes years off the client’s age, without hiding the grey completely.


Rather, it is subtly camouflaged by a cool, natural and masculine look. The service is quick and unobtrusive to do and can be repeated periodically to maintain the effect. Once men have experienced the ease of this treatment and the difference it makes, they will usually become loyal repeat customers.

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Goldwell South Africa
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Men's Style Trends

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Reuzel Scumbassadors Speak Out on Trends and What Men Want

Lazlo Venter2.jpg

Lazlo Venter – Sweeney’s Barbershop – Durban

The world is going classic and short! Vanguards to crew cuts will be in for 2020. Brush up on those classics because nothing will beat old school this year!

Boyden Barnado4.jpg

Boyden Barnardo – Freedom Hair Barbering & Coffee - Blairgowrie, Johannesburg

With social media, men have become a lot more informed and they know what they want. This means they spend more time and money on themselves and a barbershop or salon is now a place to get away from the hustle of life if only for an hour.

In beard trends, I have noticed the decline in the (massive) beard, but shorter beards are still popular. Another great trend is the cross pollination of women visiting the barber shop to get the crazy fades! As well as the huge growth of the female barbers who are kicking ass out there! 

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How can Salons get the Edge in what they Offer Men?

Melvyn Booysen: 178 on Mane - Somerset West – Bluebeards Revenge Ambassador

Melvyn Booysen2.jpg

I think for salons to get the edge in what they offer for male clientele is ...firstly to have barbers or stylists that are highly upskilled with the latest trends and styles, and also barbers that are confident and experienced enough to give the best end results on their clients.

Salons should do regular advance trainings to make sure they don’t fall behind in the industry, and should bring in top quality brands to advance the services. Price according to where the salon is based and what type of clientele visit, and hopefully if you do all of the above, you will gain clients and grow!

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Addressing Hair Loss in the Salon

With hair loss and thinning hair becoming an increasing problem for gents, every salon should stock a professional hair regrowth product that will help a gent to keep, and in some cases regain, his hair. Hair loss products should be used as soon as any signs of thinning are noticed, as it is much easier to keep existing hair than to regrow hair after it is lost. 


The main cause of male pattern baldness is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that lodges in the hair follicles and gradually degrades and miniaturises them until they no longer produce hair. Therefore, frequent washing of hair with an appropriate shampoo will help to remove DHT. 


Mediceuticals specialise in dermatological solutions for thinning hair. Hair loss treatments in the Advanced Hair Restoration range target the primary causes of hair loss and thinning to encourage the re-growth of strong, healthy hair. Mediceuticals Scalp Therapies also provides effective methods of treatment for a wide range of specific scalp problems.

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Wahl Men’s Method Graduate Training Programme

'As a professional Barber for several years, I have always believed in the importance of constantly up skilling myself and continuously learning the art of gents haircutting. I enrolled on to the Wahl Men's Method Graduate 5 day programme, very excited to learn the 10 signature cuts Wahl has developed for the this course. I was super impressed in the manner in which the course was presented and how professional the educator conducted the classes. After every cut I truly believed that I had benefitted from learning either a new cutting or sectioning technique. The Graduate training programme is definitely a worthwhile course to attend as not only does it teach new methods but also current trends worn by gents today.' – Eric Way Lovemore, Owner and Creative Director of Groomed Men